These are photos of our recent project – we fell in love with this trailer because of it’s…

These are photos of our recent project – we fell in love with this trailer because of it’s classic lines. It started life as a 1970 Western Horse Trailer. We incorporated on demand water, a queen size bed, ambient lighting and it is fully insulated. It took us about a year of spare time to complete the restoration. — Fred Cote

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rooftoptentliving: HOWEROVERLAND | BASECAMP sailboat joinery building techniques and industrial…


HOWEROVERLAND | BASECAMP sailboat joinery building techniques and industrial lifts offer high load capacity and short set-up time


  • made of premium materials and sailboat joinery for lifetime ownership
  • high roof weight load capacity and ability to still raise and lower top while fully loaded
  • 60 second camp setup time at the push of a button (electric scissor lift design)
  • 6’6” standing room inside
  • comfortable queen size bed – always available
  • production models will offer such options as solar power and hot water to further increase the self sufficiency of the camper

The “Basecamp” is the is the prototype for the 2018 production model going on sale June 1st 2018.

Constructed with Okoume and Ash wood for lightweight, strength and durability, the cap was then assembled using sailboat joinery and marine grade epoxy. Of interesting note: you will not find a single nail or even a screw in the Basecamp! And, clients may choose their own wood combinations for a truly custom look.

A scissor lift mechanism (similar to designs used in industrial equipment) offers a significant mechanical advantage and lowers the force needed by the powering winch and motor to make a smooth lift and allow for larger overall roof weight load capacity.

Designing out of experience and necessity: Colin has spent 10 years in the outdoor industry from a raft guide, climbing guide and professional dirtbag. He has built out the back of his Tacoma with a bed platform and rooftop tent and he has built out enclosed trailers to be off grid residences.

In the summer of 2017 Colin and his wife Chelsi drove 20,000 miles from West Virginia USA to Northern B.C., Montana, Colorado and back to Oregon, USA. They spent roughly 150 days in their rooftop tent and out of that experience the began creating what they wished to see in the current adventuremobile marketplace. After their trip Colin and his father, a graphic designer, began work on the current prototype.The Howeroveland Basecamp rooftop tent camper has been the culmination of years of adventuring and we look forward to seeing this design at future Overland Expos. The company is also working on designs of a full slide-in model and flat-bed edition.

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Grand Raid XXL Evo by James Baroud

After traveling almost 12K miles and spending 42 nights in a row in the tent, I know I picked the right one. Not once was I frustrated with the tent, and every morning I woke rested and ready to go. — @basillynch

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