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I have been following Scott’s cabin build for awhile now and I’m excited to see all of his hard work come to fruition. Who wouldn’t love a cabin with a Japanese koi pond featuring bike and skateboard ramps as well? 

 Scott writes:

The house is a timber frame design.
I cut on my sawmill from logs I harvested and wood reclaimed from another housing site. I cut all the timbers oversized to be resawn after two years of drying, that way the materials will remain square and stay where I put them.
The other materials were mostly recycled from a few large buildings I was deconstructing at the time I was building the house.

I included some pics of my snowboard park and mountain bike trails, as those are just as important as the house.

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The Starlight Room | Giacomo Pompanin | Via

Located at an altitude of 2,055m in Col Gallina, a short distance away from the busy and popular Cortina d’Ampezzo ski resort, the Starlight Room strikes a perfect balance between natural bliss and modern comfort. Created by Raniero Campigotto, the manager of Rifugio Col Gallina, this small room provides the ideal opportunity to enjoy the unique beauty of both the mountain landscape and of the night sky. Large glass walls on four sides of the room include the ceiling section above the bed, offering an unrestricted view of the surroundings. The landscape is dominated by the picturesque Dolomite mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring breathtaking views of snowy peaks and deep valleys. Guests can observe the mesmerizing ‘enrosadira’, the pink light of the evening sun setting the mountains alight in warm fiery tones and reddish glows. At night, the sky reveals its beauty in all its glory thanks to the setting with no light pollution, providing a rare opportunity for urban dwellers to see the sky as they have probably never seen it before.

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