In Portlandia: Episode 8: House for Sale, Fred and Carrie adjust…

In Portlandia: Episode 8: House for Sale, Fred and Carrie adjust to live in a tiny house, shot at Caravan-The Tiny House Hotel in Northeast Portland’s Alberta neighborhood.

This is the bathroom and a home office,” he explains, his elbows resting on a narrow desk. You can see Brownstein, except for her arm reaching over the desk caddy. “Can you hand me the shower gel please?” she asks.

Janet Eastman | Oregon Live

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PURSUIT | via CCAD + TURNTo mock up the Pursuit, the build team…


To mock up the Pursuit, the build team erected an open-ended wood frame in Grant Lab. They made cardboard components for the kitchen, bath, bedroom, and office. The team imagined a young person, perhaps a freelance photographer or designer, living in the Airstream and hosting client meetings there.

During the recession, one-third of all RV dealers and manufacturers in the U.S. closed their doors. Today, the RV trade is slowly coming back, thanks to younger buyers. Research shows that the average age of a RV buyer has fallen from 55 to 42, according to Greg Gerber of RV Daily Report. Millennials, or people born between 1980 and 2005, are also predicted to become a key segment of the market.

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Guillaume & Jenna | tHGJ We took a pit stop in Pensacola,…

Guillaume & Jenna | tHGJ

We took a pit stop in Pensacola, where my uncle owns twenty acres that he uses for hunting and recreation. Guillaume and I used it for parking, and, for the first time, we got a taste of what it would feel like to park on private land.

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smallandtinyhomeideas:Tiny Heirloom | hat tip to…


Tiny Heirloom | hat tip to tinyhouseswoon

Tiny Heirloom specializes in custom luxury homes on wheels, handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. With a total of 10+ years of team experience, Heirloom concentrates on equipping each custom build with high quality materials and fixtures, to meet even the most high-end standard of luxury.

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