Month: October 2014

Olson Kundig | ↬ hat tip Chaz McIntyre via architype The cabin…

Olson Kundig |  hat tip Chaz McIntyre

via architype

The cabin was designed as a glass house surrounded by three wooden slat decks that can be raised—through a system of hydraulic winches, wire rope, pivoting sheaves, and lead blocks—to serve as shutters. Open, the shutter decks are outdoor living space, connecting to the cabin’s interior through tall windows and sliding doors; closed, they secure the cabin. The fireplace rotates 180 degrees to be enjoyed indoors or out. An inverted roof with deep overhangs forces water to drain to the rear of the cabin.

“It is intended to be a shelter of extremes, open or closed, the architect says. “In order to feel cold, you have to feel hot; in order to feel safe, you have to feel at risk. Contrast is the true measure of a complete experience.”

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green-roof tiny shop | treeheads & co.  This mobile house…

green-roof tiny shop | treeheads & co. 

This mobile house is a KIOSK kind of a shop sells coffee, soft drinks and nibbles. People getting off from a bus stop can take a drink to the lake to get a great view of the mountain. The wall was covered with handmade cypress shingles. Green roof provides us very good insulation and we’ll get little flowers and beehive next spring.

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