Month: December 2014

Woody15 | Marianne Borge / photos Jonas Adolfson The cabin is…

Woody15Marianne Borge / photos Jonas Adolfson

The cabin is set in Isdammen, Norway, and features picturesque views of a small lake and surrounding forest. Woody consists of 29 cross-laminated timber elements, which make Woody easy to assemble and dismantle. Massiv Lust produced the elements, which all have a maximum width of 1.20 meters.

From the architect: Woody15 is a 17.5 sqm one-room cabin, with large glass doors opening up to the outside landscape. It has no kitchen, bathroom or electricity, and is only heated by a small wood-burning stove. It can function as an annexe, or stand alone with an outdoor kitchen and outside lavatory.

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SIX DAY CABIN | photos Aaron Flack + Mac Bishop We wanted to use…

SIX DAY CABIN | photos Aaron Flack + Mac Bishop

We wanted to use our hands for something other than tapping away at a keyboard or smartphone; to be directly responsible for building a place that we can enjoy together in the coming years; to use vacation for creation rather than escape; and, above all, to learn something new.

…we managed to erect a solid ~200 square foot cabin over 6 days of building. The project consumed ~40 working hours, 264 two-by-fours, 3,000 photos (which add up to this time-lapse video) and about $6,065.62 (excluding the land we built on). We are now convinced that, if you have a week to burn, a cabin-build will beat a week in Cancun every time.

hat tip Andrew Odom for The Tiny Life 

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