Month: September 2014

ryanpanos: WikiHouse Unveils World’s First Two-Storey…


WikiHouse Unveils World’s First Two-Storey Open-Source House at London Design Festival | Via

WikiHouse, the open-source platform for designing and sharing house designs that anyone can be manufacture and assemble in days with no construction skills, has unveiled ‘ 4.0′ their first ever two-storey design at this year’s London Design Festival. Built by a team of volunteers and costing less than £50,000, the new prototype on display at The Building Centre also demonstrates the possibilities of other open source systems, with the code for the electrics, ventilation system and sensors all available on open-source platforms.

The prototype aims to educate visitors to the London Design Festival about how the WikiHouse works, with the interior layers of the building being exposed in places to show how the CNC-manufactured timber structure fits together, and how it becomes air-tight and waterproof through the use of Tyvek waterproofing and Equitone fibre cement cladding. The building also invites people to explore the rooftop terrace, the first time that a WikiHouse construction has incorporated a second storey.

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office of mobile design | via designboom  …‘aero-mobile’…

office of mobile design | via designboom

 …‘aero-mobile’ integrates a dwelling volume on the back of a taylor-dunn truck. a scissor lift system elevates the pod above the cab of the vehicle, allowing two walls to flip down to greatly increase usable enclosed space. the raised room is composed of metal frame and fabric surfaces typically used on sailboats, and is accessed by a fold-able ladder.

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via True Tiny House (UK) True Tiny Houses are not fixed…

via True Tiny House (UK)

True Tiny Houses are not fixed structures and can be moved, so in most cases they do not require planning. Built to the same standards as any large timber frame building. Fully insulated and double glazed, our tiny houses offer a warm, dry, secure and unique outdoor experience at any time of year, and whatever the weather.

Comfortably accommodating a family of five, each has been crafted to last for tens of years with very little maintenance. Yet, as most of the construction takes place in our workshops, a typical house can be erected in just one day. Although the same cost as a Yurt they are more practical, and will last years longer.

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PNEUMAD  | hat tip designboom Combining PNEUmatic…

PNEUMAD  | hat tip designboom

Combining PNEUmatic (air-inflatable) architecture with a noMADic ethos, the PNEUMAD enacts a form of anti-heroic desire to escape permanence, solidity and place-bound dwelling. Recalling the revolutionary-experimental fervor of 1968, but with 21st-century technical sophistication, PNEUMAD is prototype for nomads who want to spread out. The inflatable offers one distinct advantage – it is not limited by the dimensions and volume of the vehicle itself. 

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