PORTLAND TEAHOUSE | Pietro Belluschi + Anthony…

PORTLAND TEAHOUSE | Pietro Belluschi + Anthony Belluschi

Architect Pietro Belluschi was internationally celebrated during his lifetime for designing skyscrapers, churches with steeples that pierced the clouds and glass-walled homes perched on top of hills. Few people know, however, that the man who shaped Portland’s towering skyline outfitted a tiny teahouse in the backyard of his last residence.

In 1944, Dr. and Mrs. D.C. Burkes hired Pietro Belluschi to design a Pacific Northwest-style mid-century modern on a mostly vacant lot at the end of a ridge.

Inside, there are three carefully defined sections that are separated by sliding shoji screen pocket doors. 

A newer wood-and-glass incarnation of the original tiny house sits across a courtyard from the 1948 Burkes-Belluschi House that he designed in Portland’s West Hills. Two generations of architects – Pietro Belluschi and his son, Anthony – can now lay claim to minimal dwellings in this same spot, built before the term “tiny house” was well known.

Janet Eastman for Oregon Live

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