tinyhallhouse: We wanted to share our beautiful stacking…


We wanted to share our beautiful stacking stools!  We had them custom made by a fantastic woodworker in New Hampshire.  We saw a sample on his Etsy page about a year ago, and called right away to meet up with him in person.  He explained that he only had one made, but that he could make more, so of course we dove right in and ordered four.   The wood is reclaimed from an old sweater factory in New Hampshire, it’s just gorgeous.  They are perfect for us, and adds a really nice touch to the tiny house.  I encourage you to find as many items for your tiny house that do double duty.  These are our dinning chairs, my office chair, side tables, and we’ve stacked them in just about every possible configuration.  Of course the best part is, when you don’t need them, they stack up nice and neat in the corner.   They are REALLY well made, sturdy and pretty ta’ boot.  

We’d like to send a heartfelt thank you to Alfred Spitzer.  He took lots of time talking to us about the chairs and what we wanted specifically, a complete master craftsman and a great guy to spend time with.  He has an Etsy Page, so if you need any custom woodwork we hight recommend him.(http://ift.tt/1G6zKah).  We have made serious effort in having as many items that live in the Tiny House to be hand made.  

Enjoy the pics.

It’s just such a pleasure to see your house come together so well.

Congratulations on all of your hard work!

via tumblr http://ift.tt/1Bb3nYv


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