K. Hughes | lunarlanderdwelling | themarsoutpost retrofuturist…

K. Hughes | lunarlanderdwelling themarsoutpost

retrofuturist tiny house / advanced boatbuilding methods / low environmental impact / high weirdness factor

The mission: to design a habitable dwelling with the latest marine composite technology, providing creature comforts with low impact on the land

Inside find an open space, with external modules for bath, galley, breakfast nook and storage. On top is a clear geodesic dome allowing the light to stream in. A foam/glass cover will be used to keep extreme heat or cold out of the dome.

 …inside is a soft lounging pit and bed. On one side is an outside deck. The systems are placed in the hexagonal ring that the living space rests on.

The Lunar Lander can rest comfortably on drastic, uneven terrain, with virtually no environmental footprint.

I have been following this lovely project for the past year. It is really starting to take shape. Follow the ongoing process here: lunarlanderdwelling

via tumblr http://ift.tt/1uttoeN


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