Homesteading, Tokyo Style


Like most large cities Tokyo has a sizeable population of homeless people. Tokyo also has a large population of people who are referred to as homeless but who are really just choosing to live differently. I don’t want to romanticise or trivialize the lives of the homeless here.  I’ve already seen plenty of people in Tokyo that are living really rough on the streets. The people I’m talking about here are not missing out, they’re opting out.

The structure pictured above is part of a homesteaders village on the tree covered levee of the Tamagawa river, Inashiro, Tokyo. In the immediate vicinity of this hut there were about five other dwellings and numerous others were nestled in the dense shrubby areas along the levee.

The occupants of these structures grow food, harvest fuel from the surrounding woodland and earn what money they need by recycling the waste of the…

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