The Concord Retreat | Inriver Retreats The Concord Retreat…

The Concord Retreat | Inriver Retreats

The Concord Retreat offers a drawbridge-style wall that opens to the opens to the outside world providing a spacious deck for business or pleasure.

The inspiration for this structure came from the antique bulls-eye glass door and window pair that we found at an architectural salvage yard.  From those pieces we chose details typical of their era, specific to Concord MA.

The interior features such interesting details as a curved mahogany ceiling with skylight, antique fixed window along with matching lighting and buckshot pine flooring of varying widths.

Inriver Retreats are the product of a collaboration between boatbuilders and an architect, a manifestation of the owners’ sensibilities and realized by master craftsmen.

Our goal is not to mass produce hundreds of retreats a year, but to create something personal, exquisite and definitely special. We do difficult work for smart people, work that is exciting for everyone involved.  This kind of excitement travels through word of mouth, and from first hand experience.

We are interested in building relationships as well as custom retreats.

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