Make Me Care: What’s so great about tiny houses, anyway?

The greatest thing for our family: the chance for a home while at the same time receiving/offering the empowerment and the support of other members in the tiny house movement. Sounds idealistic I am sure.


Welcome to Make Me Care, a new and experimental vlog in which we try to get our writers and editors to explain why their topic du jour is worthy of your attention. In this episode, host and editorial intern Amelia Urry invites Grist fellow Eve Andrews into her (occasionally glitchy) Skype room. For the past couple of months, Eve has been writing about tiny houses by themselves, tiny houses in groups, tiny houses in love, and now tiny houses in cities.

There’s a lot to say on the topic — but why should you care? And for all of the thousands of words on tiny houses to which Eve’s subjected us, would she actually live in one herself? Watch the video above to find out!

And if, after all that, you’re still wondering if you could or should go tiny, check out our tiny house flowchart!

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