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Le Corbusier, Book Dummy forUne Petite Maison”, (1954)

In 1954, Le Corbusier published the book, “Une Petite Maison”. In it, he describes the house that he built for his aging parents on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is above all about the act of dwelling, an essay on the poetics of space. As Gaston Bachelard explains in his book of the same name, “The act of dwelling arises infallibly as soon as one has the impression of being sheltered.” Le Corbusier’s book is a series of lessons on the poetics of shelter. They begin with the title and dust jacket. “Une Petite Maison” means not simply a quantitatively small house but especially a quantitatively small house. We sleep more soundly”, observes Bachelard in a “little house” than in a large one. The “little house” calls for reveries of coziness associated with miniatures. This cozy seclusion is even suggested in the cover where Le Corbusier has drawn a broad black band around it’s surface, thereby placing it in it’s own sheltered nest.

Also see Le Corbusier and the Maisons Jaoul — the houses are often thought of as the antithesis of everything commonly referred to as “Corbusian”.

Significant insight encapsulating tiny living.

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