Amy Henion’s TED Talk offers first hand perspective from…

Amy Henion’s TED Talk offers first hand perspective from the recent graduates involved in the tiny house movement. Enjoy.

Amy Henion believes tiny houses could be the ticket to the freedom and security she and other young professionals need to succeed.
…like most college students and recent grads, isn’t sure what the next few years will hold While fretting about how she will manage to pay the bills while still being flexible to new opportunities, Amy stumbled upon a potential solution to her concerns of high rent and poor mobility: tiny houses! In this talk Amy shares the benefits of tiny living, and the history of the ever growing tiny house movement in America.

The things we own have power over us.
They have the power to keep us rooted in one place and they have the power to drown out our need for human interaction.
If you detach yourself from the things you own you find that your free from the restrictions they place on you.
~ Amy Henion

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