music-fox: Affordable net-zero prefabs erected in South L.A….


Affordable net-zero prefabs erected in South L.A. in only three days

Santa Monica by way of Iceland design studio Minarc partners with Habitat for Humanity to (very quickly) bring affordable, net-zero energy prefab homes to low-income areas of South Los Angeles.

The result of a collaboration between award-winning, Santa Monica-based green design studio Minarc (Minimalism in Architecture), Habitat for Humanity, and local nonprofit Restore Neighborhoods LA (RNLA), the three homes were assembled on vacant lots in low-income South Los Angeles neighborhoods using Minarc’s innovative, American-made interlocking panel system dubbed mnmMOD.
Adds Steve Sferrino, vice president for Habitat for Humanity:
The mnmMOD system is quite impressive. It allows us to offer a sustainable solution to our partner home owners that yields ‘net-zero’ efficiency—something that up until now we have not been able to achieve. In addition, we are able to dramatically reduce the manpower needed to frame each home. This alone makes this system a viable option for future Habitat for Humanity projects.”

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