smallandtinyhomeideas: [Edit 2013.05.25] Will Yount,…


[Edit 2013.05.25]

   Will Yount, designer and builder of Hummingbird Small Spaces, recently exchanged some correspondence with me and I asked if I could quote him (he said yes so read on): 

“I love that tumblr blog called “cabin porn” and I saw a lot of the same pictures in yours. Its all very inspiring stuff and a lot of it makes my designs seem boring. The truth is I’m trying to build something that is both aesthetically interesting and pleasing to the eye yet very functional. It also has to be something that is reproducible and very well built using solid, proven building methods and techniques… yet still where each new owner can put their own personal touch on it to make it unique.” I really appreciated his candor as I believe this expresses very well his mission as a designer/builder of small homes.

New Design Ideas via Hummingbird Tiny Spaces

Yo may remember Hummingbird Tiny Homes from their feature on the Huffington Post for the $12K Home

*One really cool note about this small business is that the homes are not kits— they are built on site*

Top: The 16×20. Shown with 3- 6’ patio sliding doors. Optional outdoor fireplace shown or also a great place for a hot tub. This size can also have a bathroom and kitchen.
Bottom Left: 16×20 floor plan.

Bottom Right: The 12×16. Shown with 3-5’ sliding patio doors.

“New design about to be offered as soon as all of the details are finalized. It will be offered as a 12×16 and a 16×20. The 16×20 will have the bath and kitchen floorplan option as shown.” May 5th, 2013

“Nashville TN based .Building tiny outdoor living spaces to be used as, tiny house, home, studio, cabin, cottage, vacation getaway, office, pool house, woman cave, man cave, guest quarters, etc.”

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