News wire: via Instagram “the little house on the trailer” is…

News wire: via Instagram “the little house on the trailer” is for sale. I am persuaded to think this is a very reasonable purchase price. I hope they get the full amount. I could see buying it if we were headed to Oregon. 😊 I am quoting the following from their Instagram post:

So, this causes both excitement and heartbreak for our family.
While we REALLY want to make a life in a tiny house, through prayerful consideration we feel that letting go is what is best for our family in this season. Tiny house built on a trailer. All reasonable offers will be considered – no trades, no payments. $22,000

Approx 217sq ft including two lofts. Appliances- propane stove/oven, electric washer/dryer, electric mini fridge/freezer. Heat is also electric but there is plumbing for propane as well. 32×32 shower surround, compost toilet set up, built in cabinetry and storage bench, table and stools. Features such as interior reclaimed cedar siding, custom drapery, built in lockers as storage and colorful pallet book shelves add so much charm!

Message with any questions and specifics will be included. Thank you.

Located in Medford, Oregon.

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