TREE IN THE HOUSE | A.Masow Design / Almasov Aibek  Camouflaged…

TREE IN THE HOUSE | A.Masow Design / Almasov Aibek 

Camouflaged amongst the dense firs in the mountainous Almaty City in Kazakhstan, young Kazak architect Almasov Aibek of A.Masow Design Studio proposes a woodland sanctuary. ‘Tree in the house’ is a transparent cylindrical volume with a void at its core, revealing a single, towering tree that rises through the lucent space.

The arboreal chamber fuses with its surrounding environment, appropriating the tree as interior ornamentation. The translucent rotunda substitutes windows for walls, limiting privacy but allowing for a continuous panorama and unbounded sunlight. At the rim of the glass frame, a minimal, white staircase coils from the ground floor to the roof, granting a 360° perspective while ascending the column. Four stacked rings compass the tree, each serving as a tier of the home. light-colored wood flooring is chosen for the landings, a clear integration of natural materials, adding to its fugue with the landscape.

The home has been designed for a couple, who will use their secluded botanical retreat as a place for reflection and contemplation. Its construction is scheduled for a 2014 completion.

- Nina Azzarello for designboom

hat tips: cerceos & designboom

images / Almasov Aibek | text / Nina Azzarello

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jasonansmith: Happy Hour Shower @ The Picker Shack Design build…


Happy Hour Shower @ The Picker Shack

Design build project in Naramata, BC.

460 sq. ft. outdoor shower/ bath house. 

Situated on a bluff within a orchard this space is intended to serve as both a communal gathering point for the owner and guests as well as a serviceable bath house for seasonal pickers who camp on-site during harvest months.  Constructed from red cedar, the project in intended to mark the passage of time and gain patina with the passage of time and use.

“The privileges of conversation around a dining table and soaking in baths are ancient and timeless. Meeting new people, sharing ideas, telling stories, preparing and eating food together, while appreciating where the food came all contributed to our desire to re-imagine the act of waiting for a shower as an opportunity for social engagement and interaction.”

Charred cedar walls provide a measure of privacy and uses depth to hide functionality. Spatially dividing wet and dry conditions allows for simultaneous intimate and communal experiences.

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lifePOD INDAWO / POD-INDAWO | modular, prefabricated home…

lifePOD INDAWO / POD-INDAWO | modular, prefabricated home designed specifically for a Southern African context / hat tip curbed / photos Brett Rubin

The project makes inroads into eco-friendly, customizable living solutions designed for a Southern African context.

The system is modular, more units, each customized as per the user’s specification can be added to the system in turn transforming a nano-space into a larger dwelling for a variety of applications.

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