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now that’s a tinyhouse i could live in.

this is literally all I want and need in life. this is the best.

Want so bad

I’d so be ok with this.

I NEED a tiny house

I want this so bad.

Hi, there nosleeptilbushwick, assbutt-in-the-garrison, mandocommand0, mariaxox, and fellow Tumblrites:

“hOMe” plans available today—seriously. | via Tiny House Build

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How much stuff does a person really need? This is a question…

How much stuff does a person really need? This is a question Dee Williams has been challenging for years, and after a pivotal trip to Guatemala seven years ago, her conclusion was: not much.

     A re-watch of Dee’s TEDx is always good for me.
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Tiny House Conference 2014


AWESOME POST – Thank you so much for sharing – Reblogging with virtual fistbump ;)

Originally posted on Small House, Big Adventure:

For those who missed the 2014 Tiny House Conference, start planning for the next one!  We had a blast down in Charlotte, NC with fellow bloggers and builders, as well as various other tiny house enthusiasts.  The presentations were very informative and I just loved being able to experience other tiny houses in person.

How successful was the conference, really?  Let’s just say even my fiance is now on board with building another tiny house! Although we already built and sold one, we’re re-inspired to move forward with some previously abstract ideas for our life, jobs, happiness, and finances.  Stay tuned for our progress on this!

You can read all about the conference in more detail here.  With that, I leave you to enjoy some photos of the event!

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